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I invite you to step away from your everyday life, into a space where you can relax and unwind, enjoying a vital hour of ‘me time’. To book an appointment or enquire about more information, please email me or use the contact form below.

At the beginning of your first session I will take your full medical history, in order to assess your overall health and give an appropriate treatment. The treatment will last 60 minutes. I will ask you to remove your shoes and socks and to lie or sit for the treatment. You will relax whilst I work your feet using gentle relaxing movements and some pressure points, but overall the treatment will be relaxing.

Gift Vouchers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift of health and wellbeing, you can purchase ‘RachelsReflexologyClinic’ gift vouchers at any value by contacting me on the details below.

Single Session

Set of 6 Sessions

Single Session

1 hour

Rs. 3,000

(+ initial ½ hour consultation)

Set of 6

1 hour sessions

Rs. 15,000

(6th free)

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